X-Ray Vision

Photo By: Carrie (click on this image to experience the fine details in this photograph)

It happens, seeing through
sometimes when I least expect to see
through into you
no color hues
no fancy masks to hide
behind your stripped down self
your cells, veins and cellulite
brilliant and soft details
and hidden inside all
the knowledge accessible
how you see
work, breathe and dream I must
promise out loud, seeing through
in your vulnerable state
I see you, I will
hold you and I love you
beyond always

** Another MMC is here, please take some time to check out Leanne Cole’s gallery of beautiful monochrome, HERE.  (she posts the gallery around noon, pacific time I’ll update the link then)


    1. Thank you, Laura. I happened upon this tree lit up by the suns rays peaking out from the clouds after a shower. I stood under the tree and was so excited to see this. I’ll post the color version this week too, it is interesting.

      1. You’re welcome Carrie. I really FEEL your neck of the woods (so to speak lol) through your pictures. Looking forward to the color one too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kaz, I really appreciate you commenting twice 🙂 The crazy thing for me is this photograph is hardly processed. I turned it to BW in LR and then added a small amount of contrast and clarity. That is about all. What took me so long to move to manual? I am having so much fun!

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