Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Photo By: Carrie

“Take your child outside” a local event in town was on Saturday. After spending more than two hours learning so many things about our local watershed and marsh, the last item on our passport was to use this poetry wall to write a poem about our experiences.

My boys (husband included) looked directly at me, “Mama, you can write the poem.” I refused. Instead, all four of us looked over the words on the wall. Some already in other poems, some free-floating, all words were fair game.

My oldest chose first, Laughing

I added some words to the line

My husband placed, Spring warmth

My oldest quickly found some words he liked to go with his Dad’s choice.

My youngest heard us say “dandelion” and was adamant it needed to find its way into our poem as well. So it did.

And, before I could get my camera out to capture us, eyes glued to the words, minds working together, my smile so deep I could feel it in my toes, it was over. The coastal wind whipped up and moved us a long. The poem was quickly written down, my boys were on the run towards the prize tent.

I took a moment at the poetry wall, enjoying the birds singing above my head and the shadows cast by the trees dancing with the breeze.

Laughing their song
Spring warmth and a dandelion sweet
Always shine, grow

Photo By: Carrie

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find more interpretations of “Ephemeral” HERE.

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