(Don’t) Hang On

Photo By: Carrie

Gripped tight
Your clawed thoughts digging
Their way in to hold on
To anything everything nothing

Embrace the fall let
Go to be free
So you can finally engage
The release of your creative

Soul drenching golden light lifting
Extended embrace filling waist-deep
Wonder telling love
Now jump


  1. Four times I read this poem; every time I related to its message and appreciated the flow of its words: “To anything everything nothing” and “Soul drenching golden light.” As a result of my study of your writing, I think today I’ll honor my creative spirit by letting go and falling into the day.

    1. Ahh, Janet, I am so happy this poem resonated with you. I must admit, I think this is where my heart went after reading your post from last week.
      It felt great to write this…I will come back to these words often, I am sure.

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