Eighty Thousand (years)

Photo By: Carrie

Buried on the shoreline life
Complete, a bodies armor
Discarded for eighty thousand
Years the rains poured the winds

Blew over the waves crashed in
And out again and again for eighty
Thousand years the earth shook
Desperately the shoreline lifted

Up centimeter by centimeter over time
Your shoreline view now towering
Over the vast Pacific looking
Eighty meters down at

The waves crashing below the day
Arrived eighty thousand years later
A boy and his brother playing
Together bravely climbing unaware

You are there
Sifting their little fingers through
The sands wondering if treasures
Might appear with a shriek of delight

The younger one squeals my treasure
My treasure it will be mine
For at least eighty thousand years
Who’s counting


    1. Thank you, for your kind words and reading it 🙂 It is so mind boggling to me that something existed so many years ago and looks as fresh and beautiful as it does. I love nature!

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