Ferns grow to immense sizes here, I love their patterns and frozen movement. Especially when the sun is streaming through them.

Still trying to get a feel for my new camera but really enjoying the experimentation. I am in the middle of my first photography class and enjoying it. Hopefully, you can all bare with me while my learning curve starts to even out. I am taking it slow but curious to see how my photography evolves over the next couple months.



    1. Hi Chris, I decided to go with a Sony RX100. It is a point and shoot but has full manual features, RAW capability a very fine sensitive lens and I have had two cybershots (sony) previously.
      I thought very hard about going with a body/lens(es) camera but felt I wanted the incredible convenience of carrying my camera in my pocket plus it was hard (at this point in my life) to justify multiple lenses as well. I love it, so far. There is a bit of getting used to, the macro aspect of the camera is incredible but isn’t as simple as my last camera. The DOF is slight. The view I have in my LCD screen is not as detailed as the actual image, so I am finding. And, the biggest hurdle of my own making is, I decided to shoot manual once I got this camera. Which I have never done before. So, I am on a steep but beautiful learning curve at the moment! I have yet to jump into full manual yet. I just took my first set of photos today experimenting. I am taking an on-line class that is great, just starting slow but excited about the creative possibilities! New gear is fun 🙂 I think you are doing great work!

      1. I’m having fun learning too. Moved to a Canon 7D mark ii and decided it was time to shoot in raw. Have been off auto for a long time, just using Aperture priority most of the time. tLearning LR & PS editing . Got the new beast for birds in particular – it’s super fast! I hear you about the size of yours and convenience… You use it more!

      2. Nice! I didn’t start thinking of my photographs as more than documenting my boys growing up until pretty recently. And, as they have grown I have a bit more time to learn new things 🙂 Photography is at the top of my list!
        Learning LR has really peaked my interest to shoot my own shots not what the camera thinks is correct. I am working it out and happy to learn what all these pieces of the triangle really mean. It is so interesting!

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