Dragon Scales

Photo By: Carrie

Focus obscured depth, wonder
You can fly, soar
Even make a man fearfully shake

To death intentionally
Incinerating breath
Eyes on fire blazing your thoughts

Well beyond your thick head outward
Toward the battle mesmerizing
Scales each measuring perfection

Intricate details gleaming with precision
Together the armor that you crave
For protection and truth

A lonely scale is brittle
Thin, unprotected, less than a marvel
Only a whisper undone


    1. Thank you, Robyn. I was smiling while I was writing this…although it might not feel like that with the words that I wrote…thinking of a dragon was really fun!

    1. That means a lot, Janet. This poem was so fun to write, I had just watched Maleficent the night before and marveled at the dragon in the ending scene. The last verse was of course, most inspired by my photograph with the one, lone piece of the plant in focus. It felt like it fit, I am happy to hear you thought so too.

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