Coiled tightly spiraled
Life clinging to
A vertical post defying
Gravity and ghosts
With your friends, you are
Not alone in the intricacies
Survival observed at eye-level
You remain tucked in
Your home waiting out
The storm

** Monochrome Madness is moving forward, into the beginning of it’s second year. Leanne Cole and Laura Macky continue to host and bring all of these wonderful monochrome images together each week. Please click HERE to view the gallery of entries from this week. If you are interested in joining in, you will find all the details there as well.


    1. Ha ha! Well you would have freaked then, they were clinging to all the fence posts along a farm the other day, 6 to 20 per post! My son and I were going from one to the next counting them 🙂

      1. EWWWEEEE!!! Seriously I have a true phobia although I paused long enough to notice the composition and DOF then I moved on hahaha. Some day I’ll tell you the story of a first date with this guy who had to carry me from the parking lot to the front door of my house because it was raining and there were so many snails. lol

    1. That is nice to hear, thank you Robyn. I have never seen snails do this, perch themselves on a fence post, 20+ at a time! So strange. I loved the details of the shells in monochrome. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Thank you, I really enjoy looking at an image that I have made and seeing what words come forward.
      These snails were perched on fence posts, there were many groups of them, I have never seen anything like it.

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