One Four Challenge: March wk 2

Week 2 is here, this week I stuck with Lightroom for my edits. I am sure I will get back to FotoSketcher before the month is over. I did a lot of experimenting and I was actually getting a bit frustrated, not because I couldn’t find a nice edit. Instead, there are so many possibilities I couldn’t get any traction in any one direction. But, this is one of the edits that came out of the experiments.

Photo By: Carrie

The center of the flower is softer than I was hoping for, it is a deep crop so I guess that makes sense. I really like the white-wash feel and the soft details in the petals. So, that is why I chose it.


  • Import original in LR and did some minor touch-ups with the basic settings. The main edit here was increasing the exposure significantly. I found if I raised the exposure (+1.8) and lowered the contrast (-33) and clarity (-26) it created this nice dreamy effect.
  • I experimented a lot with the crop, I am still learning, especially with crops, so I tried a number of different options and settled on this one.
  • I added two radial filters to the center of the flower. The first reaching all the way to the outer yellow, I updated the clarity, highlights and exposure for this area. The second just for the very center, trying to clean up the softness as much as I could.
  • I also adjusted just the orange and yellow hues and saturation to give some depth to the center colors

Please make a point to visit Robyn at Captivate Me this week. You will find links to other participants in this challenge HERE, rules to join us are here to. You can also use your tag search using “One Four Challenge”.

I would appreciate your feedback, comments, ideas or anything on your mind about my poppy. Spring is in the air!


  1. Hi Carrie – this is a lovely subtle edit this week. I am sorry you reached frustration – it does happen – time to walk away 😜
    I think the softness suits the flower – such a delicate thing.
    I appreciate what you’ve done and tried here – all part of learning for all of us! Keep doing it 😃

    1. Yes, time to walk away! Which I did, again and again this week 🙂 I think my expectations overran my creative stride this week! I do enjoy the subtleness of this image and yes, I did try, which is what this is all about.

  2. Carrie the tight crop works really well here, its a delicate flower and this weeks edit shows that off nicely 🙂

    1. That is great to hear Stacey. Thank you and you are right, it has a delicate look and feel which compliments the flower. I really appreciate your feedback!

    1. Thanks, Cybele. Cropping is a bit of a struggle for me. It takes way longer to figure out what I want, than it probably should. But, I agree, there are great details reveled with this tight crop. I really appreciate your feedback.

  3. I really like this edit, Carrie. The soft, dreamy look perfectly suits the flower and the crop is great.:) I hope next week doesn’t cause you to get quite so frustrated!

  4. Very lovely, gentle edit. The crop works nicely, good for you to experiment. As for the softness of the center, I think it goes well with overall dreamy atmosphere you have here. But if you’d like to do something different for the next edit, I use a trick in PicMonkey: sharpen the image and then apply soften focal, where I adjust the radius and the intensity to make only the center sharp and everything else soft. It is a neat little trick that I learned using PicMonkey, I have no idea how you can do it in LR or PS.

    1. Thank you Lore, I appreciate the suggestion. There is a way in LR to do what you are describing. It is by using a radial filter, it works quite well. I will use that tactic for week 4 and see where it takes me:) I finished my edit for wk 3 already. Thank you.

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