Day 5: Top 5 Monochrome Madness

Photo By: Carrie


The wonder of a boy
Seeing a new path, look up

This great natural world, stopping
In his tracks, skidding

To a halt, questions brimming
Wondering away, asking

Listening, learning today
His eyes open his heart

Pumping in sync
With his other mother

The beautiful Earth, this moment
Passes quickly but not before

His body tenses with his breath
Then deeply unfolds, tonight

He will dream of great giants
Standing guard over this forest

Hidden from most, I am
So grateful to share these views

With him to marvel, together
At the grandness

Of the trees
And his dreams

Posted: May 27th, 2014

I was nominated by The Story Tellers Abode to take part for 5 days, posting a black and white image and a story/poem/writing each day. Louise hosts a lovely blog with enchanting images and touching stories and poems. Her blog is worth a look through.

I am encouraged to pass the nomination along but I don’t really want to specifically name people. Instead, I am going to offer a link to 5 of my favorite photographers that mostly shoot in black and white. If you would like to take part in this ongoing challenge please consider yourself nominated. Simple enough. Today’s photographer is actually a group of them, they post on a blog called Monochromania . This is a wonderful collection of talent, their common ground is black and white images. One of my favorite posts is from Laurie, Life on a Bike and other Fab Things, you can find it HERE.

And, there they are, my top 5 monochrome images of the year. I hope you found at least a couple new bloggers to follow and enjoyed seeing my work for a second time. I am looking forward to continuing with Monochrome Madness, maybe you will join in too!



  1. Impressive – both the picture and the poem! It’s wonderful to see children beginning to appreciate the natural world and to experience that sense of wonder through them. 🙂

    1. That is so nice of you, Louise. I totally agree. I took this photograph on our “scouting” trip to where we are currently living. The redwoods were so massive and my older son was running through the community forest and stopped quickly when he saw this sight, I love catching him in moments of wonder!

  2. Carrie, what an absolute treat to be mentioned in your post! Thank you for that … it means much to me!
    Love your words and the image, too.

    1. Well, I adore your stories and zest for life. And, I really admire your monochrome work. I find that I really enjoy your work so much on Monochromania, something about it often catches my eye.
      I am happy to mention you 🙂 And, really happy you enjoyed the post. Thank you!!

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