Day 10 (Last One) Prompt- Future Sonnet Chiasmu

Photo By: Carrie

My Future Kitchen View:

Looking out the window, my feet on the plank hardwood kitchen floor
Baking banana bread, my the house sure smells heavenly
There is enough room on the counter for the recipe to expand
and room in the farmers sink for a meals worth of dishes to rest

I see my boys playing with sticks enjoying their own folklore
Their voices as loud as they want them to sound uninhibited
Emotions released naturally by naturally releasing energy
Filling the emptiness with their own sounds

Thick trees protect our property boundary effortlessly
The redwoods reaching, expanding, settling, never letting go
Standing tall in uncountable numbers like an impenetrable wall

And I am at peace knowing we are where we have dreamed we would be
Among the trees, with land and loving each other
Settled, rooted and so very happy

Our writing assignment for today, the final day of 10 days of poetry, is to write a sonnet with a future theme and to use a chiasmus at least once. A sonnet is described as, “A sonnet is normally composed of 14 lines of verse. There are several ways you can split your sonnet into stanzas (if you wish to), though the most common ones are 8-6 and 4-4-3-3.” I chose the 4-4-3-3 stanzas. A chiasmus is described, “At its simplest, a chiasmus is essentially a reversal, an inverted crossing.” Like, mind on my money and money on my mind–Snoop Dog.

What a challenge these last two weeks have been…wow. I have learned a lot and enjoyed writing deeply everyday. I am looking forward to giving my brain a break though. Next week I will be paying tribute to Monochrome Madness turning a year old. Each day I will post one of my five favorite photographs from this past year of challenges. I can’t believe when I started this blog, about a year ago, I had never edited an image or turned a photograph into a black and white image. What we can learn in a year!


  1. A lovely, serenne sonnet, Carrie, that filled me with the peace and beauty and love found in your home. It made me want to sit in your kitchen, eat a bit of banana bread, and chat…or not.

    1. Now, that is a beautiful ending to my sonnet. I would LOVE the opportunity to sit and chat (or not) with you. Your kitchen or mine!
      We left a lot to move north this past summer. Including a home that still hasn’t sold. When it does, the weight that will lift will be immeasurable! Until then, I dream and wander in my beautiful mind…looking forward to merging the two soon!

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