Day 9 Prompt- Landscape “Found” Poem Enumeratio

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA

Looking mysteriously north, over tree tops
   The magic seaside confidently big, Pacific
Leaping and curious and daring and creative
     My adventure begins
         Time to pack, I forgot how
Don't forget how to love you to shine
              All wonderful     and sleep
              Red wild          and wish
              Light stars       and care
              Just you tonight  to accept
                                and give
Others see fire and almost night and wish the mystery of their destiny would
Get lost in the magic of the view
But I am living in this blue deep wonderful night sky
     You can too

Our writing assignment for today is to write a “Found” Poem about a Landscape using enumeratio within the poem. At first glance, when I saw the subject was Landscape, I thought this would be a piece of cake. What a mistake! Once I read through the challenge I just took a break and figured I wouldn’t try to incorporate all the suggested pieces. But, I started to realize it feels good to push myself and why not try to figure it out.

I should let you know what a found poem is, “A found poem is composed of words and letters you’ve collected — randomly or not — from other sources, whether printed, handwritten, or digital, and then (re)arranged into something meaningful.” and an enumeratio, new to me anyway, “it basically means constructing a list, a successive enumeration (duh!) of multiple elements in the same series.”

Photo By: Carrie

So, I “collected” words from the titles of my boys favorite books. I wrote down the words to about 50 books, cut out the words and then arranged them into the poem above on our kitchen table. I had to quickly write down what I did before dinner was served and my poem was destroyed. This was very challenging…very. I would really love to hear if any of you enjoy “found” poetry. It was an interesting way to use my brain, tiring too. Tomorrow is the final day of this writing challenge, stay tuned.


  1. Carrie, the interesting way you used your brain resulted in a poem interesting to read, and you really nailed the landscape prompt, which I only managed to mention in the title of my found poem. I found the task challenging and intriguing, but stressful because of the timeline. I probably would have enjoyed it more with more time to complete it. And, as always, I enjoyed the way you find or take photographs to match the mood of your poems.

    1. I think this was my favorite poem of the 10 days. Although I totally agree, the timeline was insane and I was questioning my sanity while cutting and manipulating little bitty words when I needed to make dinner.
      This challenge pushed me in directions I would have never gone otherwise, I am so happy to be on the other side of it and to have walked through the water.
      Great to hear from you!

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