Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA

I first learned of the “rule of thirds” about a year ago, I think. It really struck me as a way to start to see photographs before I actually took them. I found the setting on my camera for the grid and I have used it ever since. Of course, I am still really green and need practice and there are moments where breaking the rules in the face of creativity make sense too.

This past Friday evening I was admiring the sounds of the waves and watching my boys instantly grounding themselves in the sand and moment, shoes thrown behind them, sand slowly sifting between their layers of clothes, their bodies flinging this way and that in a child-like dance fit for an ocean king. I looked up to see my husband farther down the beach waking towards a rock that was sticking out of the sand, his gate steady, his eyes fixed on the purples and pinks of the drifting into sleep horizon. He stopped at the base of the rock, not wanting to take his gaze from what was in front of him I suppose. I raised my camera, seeing the opportunity in front of me.

The beach, empty, the lingering hues of the sunset still strong enough to take your breath for a while, his silhouette soon stepped up on to the rock, still, in thought and wonder at what was before him. I lined up this image with his shoulders at the cross-hairs of the lower right third quadrant of my grid, the moon although faint lined up along that right third axis as well. Simply a moment I am so thankful to have captured.

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  1. The simple yet powerful answer to a composition πŸ™‚ But there is more in this photo than “just” the rule of the thirds and the great colours!

    I love the diagonal line of the water, the reflection of the sun, the silhouette telling a story.. What a terrific photo! Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you, Laura. The colors kept evolving for so long after the sun set. The after colors were way more interesting the the sunset itself!
      This is my first photo post with my new camera πŸ™‚

      1. That’s usually the case with sunsets. It’s after the sun goes down when the magic happens! Oh! Your new camera….do you like it? (Silly question lol.)

      2. Interesting about the sunsets, I didn’t really realize that…although I don’t have a lot of experience with them. And I think my previous camera wasn’t capable of capturing those colors with the limited light. This new one did a great job of seeing what I saw, which is really exciting.
        Yes, I do like it. There are so many features and possibilities with it. I feel like really excited at it’s potential, the images are crisp and my favorite part is I am not staring through a scratched lens any more. I can just take pictures oh and it fits in my pocket!

      3. Awesome! It is so fun getting something new that enhances our photos isn’t it. I feel that way with mine too. And a bonus not to have a scratched lens, LOL. Oh dear!

      4. A serious bonus! It has been scratched for more than 6 months…with our move and so many other components it wasn’t possible for me to do anything about it. If I zoomed, it was greatly enhanced 😦 So, I learned to “hide” it in foliage, natural shadows, what ever I could but it was remarkably frustrating. So happy to see clearly again πŸ™‚

  2. Great colours. I note that your husband was looking out to see in front of him. I am not sure whether this would have worked due to the sun’s positioning, but I feel that had he been at the left of the photograph we would have seen just where he was looking. Compositionally I feel that it would have been better to have placed to the left (an not the right) of the image, but of course I do not know all the other elements you were battling with. MM πŸ€

    1. Thank you MM for the feedback and thoughts. I didn’t realize my husband was heading off until he was at this rock.
      I was able to get off about 4 shots while he was on the rock…one stepping up to it, two while he was taking in the view and the fourth where he spread out his arms and jumped off the rock.
      I was positioned where I was because my kids were playing near by…not much planning for this image, just seeing an opportunity and trying to capture it. In some ways I think there is some mystery in this image…what is he really looking at? And, there was a mother/child and their dog playing near by, I felt like the desolate beach was a better subject than the other people and flatter angle to the right.
      I really appreciate you offering your thoughts, I am always looking to learn!

      1. Of course, MM. I really do appreciate your feedback. Next time, I have a feeling I won’t get so focused on one thing. I am working on taking photos from many angles, sometimes I forget, this is a great reminder!

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