One Four Challenge- February wk 4

Here we are, week 4, again. I can’t believe this is the fourth month of this challenge. I am learning each week and finding easier ways to get to a similar result, which is really exciting for me.

So, this week I decided to tackle the split toning suggestion by BenΒ  from Aperture64 on week 2’s comments. I was really intimidated actually. I read his very helpful darkroom tips on split toning (if you haven’t looked through his series you really should, there is so much information there spelled out clearly) and thought it still felt difficult. But, I went ahead and tried it. I think it felt difficult because he describes using a color wheel or “knowing” the color wheel when working with split tones. I tend to follow my creative intuition when choosing colors and wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But, once I got started and understood that one of the selections was for the main color and the other was for the shadows, I just ran with it and found it was so fun and remarkably effective.

Attempt 4

Photo By: Carrie

I really think the split toning worked wonders on this image. It is realistic, soft and the color hues wander through the image naturally. I am a huge fan.


  • I started with week 1’s edit
  • In the split toning section I increased the shadow hue (34) zeroed the highlight hue
  • I raised the highlight saturation (57) and shadow saturation (38)
  • I raised the split toning balance to (46)
  • Then I lowered the contrast and clarity a bit to give it a softer feel

I also felt the need to try an artistic version in FotoSketcher. I thought the dots effect might work out well. I found out I can vary the texture, there are many versions so this texture is version 7. I like it, I would probably focus on the outer center to get some depth there between the center and petals but overall, it is a cool effect and I like the color hues too.

Dots Mosaic

Dots Mosaic

Don’t forget to check out all the other week 4 attempts from other participants by either going to Robyn’s post at Captivate Me, HERE or using your search bar with the tag “One Four Challenge”.

I would really appreciate it if you could vote on your favorite, it is fun to see which one gets the most votes. I’ll let you know the winner at the start of next month. Any comments or feedback are always appreciated…I really enjoy the conversation and learning potential.


  1. Hi Carrie – I voted for Week 4, but it was a close call with your photosketcher – I really like the close focus on the centre of the flower and it’s painterly effect.

    1. Thank you, Chris. For the vote and feedback. I love what FotoSketcher comes up with so many times. I really loved the split toning effect this week, it is so effective yet not harsh, which is so great to see.

    1. Thank you, Stacey for the feedback this week and in weeks past. I like the hues from the FotoSketcher effect, it is always really fun to see what “appears” after clicking, draw.

    1. I just really love the dimension that FotoSketcher can add to an image with such little effort. It is so fun to play with. Thanks for your support Cybele.

  2. Hi Carrie, your photosketcher edit is intriguing! I wouldn’t mind seeing that cropped to a smaller abstract piece, maybe losing the shapes of the petals. I often use a touch of split toning just to balance the original image tones a bit.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, that is a very interesting idea…I may go in that direction next month, cropping to a more abstract design. Time to pick next month’s image…that is always a last minute thing for me πŸ™‚

  3. These are all really great edits, Carrie! I find it hard to choose just one to vote for but I think the Photsketcher edit is the one that really intrigues me. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for taking time to make a choice. This was a fun image to work on this month, enjoyed it, now…to figure out what to work on next month. That is always a tough decision.

  4. Hi Carrie – finally made it. Sorry I had actually missed your week 4 post.
    Very difficult to choose. Im so happy though, that you tried something that seemed difficult. The result is really pleasing. The mosaic was very effective too, but it seemed to lose dof. Having said that, it was my favourite for tone and detail, along with week 1. I love the colours in week 4 😜

    1. Thanks Robyn, for the in depth feedback and encouragement. I agree about the mosaic and the loss of DOF. I really liked the color from week 4, it is fun to experiment. Actually, I love devoting a post each week to experimentation. I try my best to bring a usable image each week, but more than that I am pushing the images beyond what I ever would in a regular post which is great!

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