Day 5: Prompt- Fog Elegy Metaphor

Photo By: Carrie

Mad River State Beach, CA

Mama Fog:
I remember waking up clearheaded
Rested days as individuals
Not running together endlessly my schedule
Was undecided and carefree
There was no looming cloud-filled thoughts
Ready just off shore
To settle in and bring the grey melancholy everyday
I tried to mix things up
Like a new sippy cup
Even ventured beyond the five-mile radius of our home
The naps would get missed and my kids were always ticked
Which lead to more mama-fog lingering longer
Stronger deeper thicker colder heavier
I kept bumping up against either the thought or the feeling
Wondering will it ever go away
What was the way to keep this
Out beyond the bay

Today’s poem calls for a poem with the prompt, fog. The poem form is elegy, “Originally requiring specific meters, nowadays elegies come in all shapes and sizes, though they are united by their (often melancholic) focus on loss and longing.” Hence, the somber mood of this poem. The device was, metaphor which I think there are at least a few in here.

**I should note, this assignment required we write about something in the past. My boys are older now…no more naps, less fog and more adventures. Which makes me a much happier mama.



    1. That is so nice to hear, Janet. I realized I didn’t stick to the “two line” format, the first being longer than the second…like I thought I did. But, it felt good to write it down, mostly because I know I am not there any more questioning those difficult feelings. Growing as a mother is a deep journey 🙂

    1. Thank you, Laura. The fog that sits off shore here looms and lurks until all of a sudden it is pushed on shore and covers the land so quickly and quietly, it is really beautiful.

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