Spherical Gems

Photo By: Carrie

Crystal ball
Delicate splashes balancing
Breathless, wait too long
In less than a moment
they splosh, whoosh, whisper the truth

** Monochrome Madness is here again. Soon it will be week 52. A year of monochrome, can’t wait to look back on this year. Leanne Cole and Laura Macky bring us MMC each week. You can see the lovely collection of images for this week HERE (a little later today).


  1. Other obligations drew me away from reading my favorite blogs for a few days, but this morning I spent many minutes studying your photographs and words from Swarm to Spherical Gems. Each one distinct and interesting. Could I choose one for my home it would be Spherical Gems. I couldn’t stop studying the photograph and took delight in the poem. I think “they splosh, whoosh, whisper the truth” will dance in my head all day.

    1. Oh I love hearing from you, Janet. Thank you for taking time to read and explore my blog. I really appreciate it.
      If you are serious about wanting this image for your home, I would love to give you that opportunity. You can contact me directly through email (brownemountain at yahoo dot com) and we can work out the details.
      I love thinking of you dancing in your head with those words, my favorite line too!

      1. We had a lot of them here the last few days so good time for inspiration! It’s absolutely gorgeous out today. I’m on our deck right now speaking into the computer.

      2. Yes, beautiful here too! The sun feels SO GOOD. It has rained most of the past week. Yes, go find something magical with that macro of yours…I bet there are treasures close by!

    1. Thank you, Louise. I was really excited last night, when this post came together. It was a great surprise! Luckily, I have my pick of raindrops here…I am loving them!!

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