One Four Challenge: February wk 2

Week 2 of 4 with this image. I went back and forth trying to decide which image to give you this week. I settled on a Valentine inspired flower, since it this pink, heart-loving holiday is this coming Friday.

I had fun with this edit, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, as usual. I knew I wanted to try a color change but I wanted it to look realistic too. There was quite a bit of playing going on here, I even tried some new ideas in LR wondering if they would work and I was pleasantly surprised when they did.

Photo By: Carrie


  • I started with the top settings but wasn’t getting anything that I liked. So I moved down the panel to the split toning section and increased the highlights significantly (+86), Split Toning Balance increase (+68), Shadow Saturation increase (+25) and Luminescence Smoothing increase (+13)
  • Then I went up to the stand-by toggles, slightly raised the exposure, decreased highlights, increased shadows, added white and black clipping, added clarity and dropped vibrancy and saturation slightly.
  • I added an inverted radial filter to the center circle where I added clarity, sharpness and adjusted the color tint and temperature until I liked what I saw. I also updated the contrast and saturation levels here too.
  • At this point I wanted to bring out some highlights in the petals and center. So I used the adjustment brush to first make a wide sweep of the center, with a bit of clarity and highlights. Then I made a sweep in the middle of the petals giving them a slight highlight which I think helps add to the details of the radial image.
  • Finally, I adjusted the exposure slightly as well as added some extra white clipping.

I liked working in the split toning area, the results were quick and interesting. It was the first time I have ventured that far down the panel. I am sure I will find myself there more often as these challenges continue.

If you are wondering how to get involved in this challenge please read about it on Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me, she goes over all the details HERE. And, if you are interested in how other participants have edited their photographs you can either find them in the comments of this week’s post from Robyn, follow the link above, or type “One Four Challenge” in your Tags search, we are all there.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this week’s version. I enjoy hearing from you and learn so much in the process. Thank you for taking time to do so. Have a beautiful week!


    1. Oh good, thank you Cybele. I am never sure exactly how the colors are going to look on others screens…I do my best but pinks can bring a lot of noise as I am sure you have had experience with. I was really happy with the blended color as you describe so well. Thank you for the kind feedback!

    1. Yes, the color did warm up the feel of the image, I would agree. I am baffled by the possibilities of LR on a daily basis. Each image brings new ways to tweak and tone to tell a better story. I love the possibilities open to me through this program. I am such a fan.
      Thank you so much, Chris, for your kind feedback. I really appreciate it!

  1. CORAL! thats the word I was after for the colour Im seeing 🙂 Interesting effect with the split toning, I confess that feature is a mystery to me as well Carrie 🙂

    1. A true mystery, but I love LR for the simple fact that you can try something and then go back to where you veered off, easily! So, I do, try a lot! And, although I have no idea if I could reproduce this effect again without looking at my notes of what I did nor can I tell you any more about split toning then where it is on the panel. I do know that it is effective and I will experiment more with it 🙂
      Coral, yes, it may be more coral than pink, I can see that. Thank you for taking time to comment I really appreciate it!

      1. LR is great for non destructive editing, Im not as creative with it as I should be but Im doing that bit in PS now I have some grasp of the basics. I need to play with things like split tonings to see what it does more often 🙂

      2. I love where you are going in PS and there are only so many hours in the day to spend behind a computer 🙂 The best part is, there are always beautiful things to capture so eventually there are opportunities to “play”. Have a good week!

    1. Yes, I agree in terms of the difference in mood. Quite amazing what color does for your emotional feeling. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them!

    1. Thank you, Sari. This color struck me for some reason. I am not usually a “pink” girl but it felt like it fit.
      I was most excited to use the adjustment brush in the way it worked out. I like the color variation and highlights in the petals a lot this week 🙂

  2. I like the idea of changing the color and the color you have chosen is good. Personally I don’t think split toning has really worked its best in the transformation and changing the hue in the HSL panel would have served better.
    Coincidentally I am positing about split toning tomorrow as part of my digital darkroom series.

    1. I have been reading and enjoying your series Ben. Thank you for taking the time to write all of that down! It is such a useful resource.
      Interesting, I didn’t know about the HSL panel…sorry if you are shaking your head but I really am sooo new to this. I see it now (thanks google), I will try it for next week and see if I like the results more. I couldn’t find anywhere to bring about realistic color change…so split toning got me the closest. Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it.

  3. Just popping in here 😃
    I love that you are finding this Carrie – such fun!!
    Apologies for my lateness – its been a busy week off screen.
    The coral pink tones are beautiful. Whats next? Happy Valentines 😃

    1. No apologies needed, I can’t believe you get around to everyone’s posts each week. I do like the tones in this one…I really want to do a soft white version with few shadows…I am working on it. Not sure how to get the softness I am looking for yet, looks a bit dirty instead of soft and pretty, if that makes sense. We will see 🙂

      1. Oh you are so great! Thank you. I will check out the presets. Yes, LR has a clarity slider…I LOVE it. I will start to play, thank you!!

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