Finally, I found a swarm. You may not remember or weren’t following me when I participated in Photography 101 (Day 18) offered by the Daily Post. It was a 30 day challenge (weekends off) with a new challenge word each day. Swarm was something I couldn’t find in my archives or that day of the challenge. I alluded to the fact that when I did find a swarm, I would post it. Today is the day.

My younger son and I went on a rock collecting adventure, I feel this need to make 50 valentines day mementos for the 4th graders that I am a teacher’s aide for. I remembered from our previous bike rides along the Mad River that there are many beautiful rocks along its shores. My son and I collected enough rocks for my project. Good thing the forecast is for intense rain for the next 5 days. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

We were on our way back to the car, it was a .5 mile walk from the shoreline, my backpack was full of rocks. My son and I both stopped walking at the same time. We did a double take in the same direction, the dirt was moving! We both gasped and then stuck our noses as close to the action as we could. Ants, everywhere.

I have never seen this variety of ant before, boy were they busy.



    1. Thank you, Ben. It was such a surprise and really interesting to get close to them. Their markings are so interesting too. Really glad to hear you enjoyed them, thank you.

  1. The way you were able to isolate one or two ants from the scene really makes the image. Although, it creeps me out to think that you were that close to some really mean looking ants! Eep. That swarm is really scary looking.

    1. Yes, it is a crazy swarm. I really wasn’t that close, well I wasn’t lying on the ground with them or anything. Lucky for me, this stick was high above the major group of them, making the images I took possible. They really are scary looking! When my Dad saw these images he instantly googled them and told me to never get close to them again 🙂

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