Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Photo By: Carrie

The Big Tree, Prairie Creek State Park

Yourself with love
And light with joy
And sorrow dig deep into
Pain and fright express fully
The happiest moments
Those that feel peaceful too
Shed some goosebumps and feel
Truly you express yourself
In your brightest
Shades your warmest hues
Your darkest days roll around
In the goodness
All the lovely muddy
Connected muted brilliant
Soulful nourishing
Never-ending layers

**This post is part of the weekly photo challenge, this week’s theme “Express Yourself”, you can find all the entries HERE. I love the sunlight’s expression in this image. I am easily drawn to the light, I find myself always shooting into it, I know in my head that it is against “the rules” but, in my heart it is what I love to capture most. My other love is trees (that is no secret I am sure). In this case, not just any tree. This is “The Big Tree”, this redwood measures 304 feet tall and 21 feet in diameter. My 5-year-old son is playing in the right hand corner of the frame, for scale. Can you find him?


    1. Thank you, Cybele. The sepia tone really brought out the shapes of the sun rays. I love how they look like flower petals.
      And thank you for reading and enjoying my words, that really means a lot.

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