1. The light is always so lovely in the forest. It decides where to put a spotlight, all you have to do is find what it wants you to see!
      I was so happy to get back to the woods, it has been a little too long for me 🙂

      1. When you are up for a drive north, let me know 🙂 I would love to show you around and see what that new lens and camera of yours sees! I bet it would be epic.

      2. I was just thinking about that! How weird! I will. Definitely I would like to make a trip up there this year before September. I’ll do that and thanks for asking! 🙂

    1. Louise, I couldn’t believe my luck, finding such a symmetrical image in the woods. The light was so lovely. I was falling behind a lot, while my family was hiking this past weekend.
      Thank you for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

      1. Me too, but they are getting more used to it now 🙂 At first, they thought I was being antisocial. But now, my husband understands I am just seeing things differently than he is. And, he really appreciates my images, so we have an understanding of sorts now. Which feels great!

  1. Do your words flow easily from your photograph, or do you have to work at getting them just right, the same way you think about how to take a photograph? This pairing is wonderful.

    1. Hello, Janet! When I started this blog I had been away from the computer (everything except e.mail) for a number of months. It was like a technology detox. 🙂
      So, when I first started I had poems coming to me day and night. I had never written in poem form before but when I sat down to write on this blog, this is how it came out. But, I loved the creativity in finding words that sounded good, lyrically with one another and at the same time said something meaningful, so it made sense to keep doing it. I read Gin Getz book, her poems really spoke to me, especially the endings. She is incredible with those!
      She was nice enough to read many of my poems and gave me some great advice, I think I have shared it with you before. But, again, once you get the words down on paper it is not about you any more, it is about the words.
      And, I have really taken that to heart when I write.
      I would write a poem first and then find a photograph to go with it, this just sort of worked for quite a while. But, as time has gone on and I have really enjoyed the photography aspect (which by the way is also a very new craft for me) I wanted to post more often. So I ran out quickly of those “worked out” poems. Mostly now I actually fall in love with the photograph first, those images that make me feel something make me want to write something as well.
      I don’t work on it long. I just open to my heart and instantly, there are words moving across my screen! It is a very freeing and happy feeling working on these posts, they are little parts of me swimming on!
      Your words are some of my favorite I read! You have a true gift for writing and humor, it is such a treat for me, on Tuesdays, to read your latest collection of words.
      I really appreciate your interest in my process and your enthusiasm for my words and photographs, it just makes me so happy! Thank you.

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