Winter Layers

Photo By: Carrie

The Smith River, Gasquet CA

I have heard of painters and photographers say that they saw their piece in its finished state before they started making it. I have always thought what a gift that must be, to know what you are going to create before you do. I figured this only happens to others but, as I stood on the riverbank, taking in the incredible sight I was surrounded by, this image flashed before me. I had not taken a photograph yet.

Of course, when I took the picture I didn’t capture, in any way, the image I had envisioned. Even when I went back home and looked through my images, I hardly saw what I did on the riverbank. But, the vision was fresh in my head.

With the magic of Lightroom and my growing toolbox of ideas thanks to challenges like MMC and the One Four Challenge, I started working. I couldn’t believe it, of course it isn’t perfect, but I am so happy with what I brought to life for this week’s entry. And I realized, I can’t get enough of those winter leafless trees.

**This photograph is part of Monochrome Madness put together each week by Leanne Cole and supported by Laura Macky. Please visit and enjoy all the entries for this week, HERE.


    1. I was struck by those tonal layers as I looked across the riverbank. Thank you! You are very welcome, looking forward to seeing more of your work πŸ™‚

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