2014 at Dusk

Photo By: Carrie


Clam Beach, McKinleyville CA

Reflections on the year are inevitable, for me at least. This morning my mind is flipping through, like an out-of-control Rolodex, all that this past year has offered me.

I started this blog, a few months into 2014, with the intention to use it to write and express myself creatively. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about photography and in turn, grow as a photographer. That is my most unexpected thrill of this year. It also helps that my family decided to move this summer to a place that makes my eyes and heart fill with wonder each day.

As 2014 swiftly moves to 2015, I am grateful for this blogging community and all the encouragement, support and incredible knowledge you offer me. I am learning, growing, challenging myself and most of all dreaming big, in part, because of you.

So, here is a huge, thank you, and wishing you a very Happy New Year. Begin 2015 with the momentum of all the good moments of 2014 wrapped together.




    1. Hi Laura 🙂 HNY to you too!! It was raining when I took this photograph…I tried to stay ahead of the storm but it caught me here. The colors were incredible!

  1. The gifts of blogging are many, and I’m so glad that the unexpected gift is photography. This photo is beautiful! I started blogging as a travel log on the bike and like you, the photography has been a gift.
    Even more are the friendships which you also alluded to. I look forward to seeing more of your work and getting to know you better in 2015.

    1. Thank you so much, Laurie. I totally agree with all you are saying. The friendships that are blooming are just lovely. And, I am really looking forward to seeing this new year through your lens!
      I am working on a photograph for next week that is inspired by your monochrome looking across the river. The moment I saw this area I knew I what I wanted to come away with, that is a first for me!

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