Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Photo By: Carrie

Warmth, transcends beyond a feeling, its glow seeps into your soul, lovingly.

I found myself in the middle of a group of women, all whom I admired and loved. The center of any group is a very uncomfortable place for me, but this group held me, their warm smiles encouraging me to keep my head up, looking into their eyes, available to hear what they came there to say.

Each took a turn, carefully crafting what was in their heart, making sure they said what they needed to say since I was moving away and it was time to say it. And, when their thoughts were complete, they wrote a number of well wishes on tea lights and then added them to the gathering place for the groups wishes.

I left that day so full of the most beautiful love I have felt, ever. My arms full of wishes, beads, gifts and long-winded hugs. Their love stayed with me for days, through our move, through all the packing and saying good-bye to so many. I drove more than 10 hours, behind our moving truck that my husband was driving. We would take turns with the kids in our cars, just to make things interesting. The dry, dusty fields giving way eventually to vineyards and then deep redwood forests. I celebrated out loud when I saw the Pacific Ocean, waves washing on shore, farmlands blanketing the hillsides like a beautifully worn quilt.

All of their wishes and gifts were behind my seat, together, waiting patiently.

A few months later, I went to a rock and minerals show in town. One of the vendors was selling Himalayan salt in many forms. I saw this candle holder and knew it would be the resting place of my friends wishes. With the lights off, the wish of “peace” glowing in its center, I felt warmth and love instantly.

My step was a little lighter, my smile brighter, my outlook on my life deeper. I was at peace.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, to find other photographs of Warmth, click HERE.



    1. Thank you, Laurie. I really appreciate that. It is amazing to me, how just looking at this image warms me. I am so glad you felt some of that warmth too!

  1. I’ve never read a phrase used to express what we women do to share love with one another as wonderfully written as your “long-winded hugs.” A wonderful post which made me happy to be a woman.

    1. Awe yes, long-winded hugs. My friend, who organized the event I was describing here is notorious for those. Like you, as I reflected on this experience, I felt very proud to be a women. Thank you for your kind words, Janet. I am so happy my words and photograph made you feel something so beautiful.

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