Wild Wave

Photo By: Carrie

Mackerricher State Park, Fort Bragg CA

We went down to the beach before the sun was setting when we were camping here a couple of weeks ago. My boys were digging through the dark sand uncovering shells and special rocks. My eyes intensely fixed on this set of beautiful rocks rising up from the ocean floor. As I studied the pattern I noticed every tenth or so wave would produce an epic splash. I stood in place, waiting for the next large wave.

I wondered if I could capture, even a spec of the power of the ocean in this moment. I can still hear the low-pitched boom as the waves would crash into the back of this natural rock jetty. It is an interesting feeling, to feel so close to such a powerful force and yet protected from its harshness.


    1. Oh good! Thanks for the encouragement, Laurie. That is what it is like too…waiting, observing, and trying to reel it in 🙂 I appreciate your comment, thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura 🙂 I have been carefully working on a number of them…I am spreading them out. I love the deep blue of the sky and silvery blue waters too. I loved the coastline at Fort Bragg, insane!

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