Follow Up– Where to Crop?

Photo By: Carrie

This was a very useful exercise, I posted on Thursday asking for some help with this image. I realize now, I was so fixed on the rocks and timing the wave splash that I didn’t pay attention to where they were in the frame. Oh, so much to learn…

The comments were very useful, and I tried to take into account each of their suggestions. This resulted in two images, one vertical and one landscape. First up, the vertical image. There is an interesting diagonal line that comes forward when the image is cropped this way, I didn’t see it until it was directly pointed out. I suggest scrolling to the bottom of the image and moving your way up to get the full experience.

Photo By: Carrie

I do find this perspective interesting, the rocks lined up diagonally are really great. But, my favorite part of the original image is the light on the largest rock in the left hand side of the image. I feel like the sky is big and needs a bigger focal point to ground the image than is provided in this vertical one.

Photo By: Carrie

This is what I was wanting to see when I originally tried cropping. The horizon moved away from the center point of the image, enough ocean and foam to know it is there and the sky elements represented too.

I am really happy with this. I added a radial filter to the water just below the largest rock, continuing the light and adding some dimension to the water. I also slightly saturated the sky trying to bring some dimension to it as well.

Thank you to those who offered their perspective and suggestions, I really appreciate it. I would love to hear what you think about these two versions. Now, on to the next project.


    1. Yes, I think I may need to play with the vertical one a little more. It was interesting to see it that way. I totally respect your thoughts Laura, I think you know something 🙂

      1. Ha! Well, it is always easier to have an opinion of another…photograph or person, than your own! I have tons of confidence in your artistic abilities…for real!

  1. Morning Carrie – I really like the both.
    Do like the interest of the diagonals in the vertical frame, but I love the landscape framing the best. Love the light, the beautiful view and the framing – feels easy to view 😀
    Really gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Robyn. I agree about the rocks in the vertical version. I totally wouldn’t have seen it if Jeremy didn’t point it out. I prefer the landscape for this image and I am so grateful for your suggestions of where to start the crop! It really made a difference.
      I will say, that I have started to look vertically now…and found two images from this trip that I would have scrapped I think if I wasn’t thinking both directions. I usually think of vertical images as a way to emphasize height or something else dramatic, I rarely look vertically when photographing landscapes…and there is the lesson for this post 🙂 Love it when I learn something! Thanks again!

      1. It is good to try all sorts Carrie – I think you do get to know what you like also 😀
        How great is it to get a different point of view.
        Hope you’re having a great weekend! Gosh, mine’s going too fast!!

  2. Hey Carrie, great experimenting there, I have to say, I like the second crop better. this is must my opinion, but I feel the vertical one is squished, like it is pushed in too much and there isn’t enough space around the rocks, as I said just my opinion and the there is too much sky. The sky is nice, but if I were to do an image like this, it would be because the sky was amazing, if that makes sense.
    I think the second image is magnificent, it looks really good and I would be very happy if I had taken it, or it was mine, it just works so much better.

    1. Thank you, Leanne. I really appreciate your feedback! I felt that way too, about the rocks feeling like they needed some breathing room. And, your point about the sky is right on! It was an interesting suggestion, and since I was experimenting I thought I would share.
      I will say, looking at this image vertically did help me edit some other images I have from this trip. They have a much better sky and feel like the sit well vertically.
      I totally appreciate your opinion, and thank you so much for your kind words, I am happy with how this turned out too. Hope my sister likes it 🙂

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