Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Photo By: Carrie

As a family, we walked from our campsite to the boardwalk to see the sunset. The Ocean waves crashing, in then out building to swiftly come again. The light turning from bright daylight to softened tones of peach and blue. My boys energy slowing with each fallen inch of the sun.

You start to talk in a whispered tone when the sun is first out of the sky, we could hear our footsteps crisply moving along the boardwalk. We were taking count of how many s’mores we were going to consume when we made it back to our campsite.

My older son noticed it first, a tiny moon sliver, glistening in the newly anointed night sky. We were crossing a coastal bike path, he stopped abruptly, his eyes fixed into the sky. As he quietly admired the slight moon I realized he had received my greatest gift, aside from love and security, I so deeply wanted to bestow on him when he was born. He was holding it with care, in this moment. He instinctively noticed his natural surroundings and was deeply struck by their beauty.

I held on to my sons shoulders and we were quiet, together, taking in the first moments of night. When he moved on, I took my camera from my pocket and tried to capture some of this intimate moment. Which is of course gone now, but not forgotten.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is “Gone, but Not Forgotten”. You can find more entries HERE.


    1. Thank you, Chris. I am so happy you enjoyed this image. I was so happy to see the moon perfectly placed in the center of trail. And, those moments with my boys are just so special…makes all those sleepless nights almost worth it 🙂

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