Thankful Gifts

Week 4 attempt

And the Winner is…week 4!

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

As promised, a poem for Thanksgiving and inspired by the winner of the first One Four Challenge. I hope you fill yourself with grateful moments by this week’s end.

The gift of thanks a common praise
Yet acknowledging all
The special ways your life
Was touched each day
Takes time, each evening before we eat

By birds that flew and flowers that bloom
By warm healthy food and fresh water to drink
A cozy bed, clean clothes that fit
The extra long hug I didn’t want to end
Playing hide-and-go-seek

Hearing your giggles down the hall
Those happy coos when you get so small
How much you still like to cuddle
On the couch how you don’t let me leave
The house without saying I love you, twice

And goodbye too, how often you are ready
With your boots to explore
In the woods quietly
Taking it in you notice
The leaves turning colors the weather turning cold

Questions flowing
When does Santa Clause visit our roof?
Making cranberry sauce and watching you eat it up
Listening to you describe your dream fancy tie
How much you can’t wait to dress up

Eat some turkey especially the pie
I love that extra glimmer in your energetic blue eyes
I am thankful for how full I feel
Knowing you are my family
My heart

My boys, each one of you
Husband and sons I am grateful
Thankful for you
And, your love
Of me, pizza and dessert


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