Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Photo By: Carrie

Hammond Trail, Mckinleyville CA

My achievement, today, is sharing an image that is unprocessed and unfiltered. Don’t get me wrong. I love to process images, my creative juices start flowing, I lose track of time. I watch my image transform into a photograph. But, I just felt like this was a challenge for me, to share a true original image. Like going to a fancy party with no make-up on.

I love dew drops, they sparkle in just the right light. And, they are everywhere here. I don’t have to get up at first light to see them, they are hanging around all hours of the day. It is a beautiful thing. Photographing them is a marvelous achievement for me. It is not easy to get them in focus.

**This post is part of the weekly photo challenge by The Daily Post. You can see more achievements HERE.


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