Something Brewing

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Bottoms, Arcata CA

The clouds were churning, collecting, amassing into a thick lid ready to close tight. I picked up my son from school and took a detour home. As I turned left, towards “the bottoms” I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to chase the clouds. I gave my boys, both wide-eyed in the backseat, a run down of my expectations. I wanted to photograph the clouds and maybe some farms too and I needed their cooperation.

Of course a negotiation ensued, my boys are smart and opinionated. They don’t like to feel like they are just along for a ride. We decided I could take some photographs, they wouldn’t question why I was stopping, they would stay in the car and then, we would go to the ocean and play.

Photo By: Carrie

This was the first time I have intentionally gone somewhere to take photographs. I will have to do it again, soon, and probably without kids in tow. Although, to their credit, they held up their end of the bargain.

There was so much movement in the clouds, a large storm was moving in from the coast. There were wind and waterspout warnings for the evening. Everything was just beginning at this point. There were few other cars on the roads (which has more to do with a lack of population and less to do with the storm), it felt so adventurous to just stop, in the middle of the road and jump out. My boys heads quickly popping up through the open sunroof and over my shoulder hearing “clicks” from their pretend cameras.

Photo By: Carrie

I did feel hurried of course, but tried to see and capture what I intended to. I was more excited to know I could make it happen. And, the boys enjoyed themselves too.

The closer to the Ocean we went the more sun we saw. This felt very backwards and yet magical at the same time. The grass was an incredible emerald color, it was like someone colored it with a brand new sharpie pen. I could have driven around until there was no daylight left. But, I needed to hold up my end of the bargain too.

Photo By: Carrie


    1. So true Laura. Rain is in the forecast for here today and into tomorrow. Another good storm is on the way next week too. Wish those storms were heading south…crazy times down there!

    1. Hi Pam, yes, it is really so fantastic that they cooperated. They were in to it actually, super fun to have their support. It felt really great to cease this moment, I’ll have to do it again and soon!

  1. Absolutely majestic! An excellent cooperation between you and the two laddies- and then to end at the sea…divine. I just love it when the sky percolates with storm. So well-captured! Dramatic and intense! Nature at its most exquisite. Grand post, indeed! Smiling cheers from a fellow tempest-lover,

    Autumn Jade

    1. Well, thank you so much! I am so happy you found our adventure enjoyable. I totally agree a brewing storm is a very fine moment for nature. Your comment is so lovely, thank you!

  2. I can feel the joy and excitement in this post… it certainly shows in your images!
    Absolutely spectacular Carrie – makes me wish I was there 🙂
    Do it again soon!

    1. Oh what fun to think of you on this adventure with me! I would love to show you around my area. It did feel exciting and great to do something I really wanted to. I need to seize more of those moments! Yes, it was quite a fun trip and I will do it again, soon 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it.

      1. Wouldn’t that be so great!
        I’m looking forward to being able to get out and about more myself – hopefully in the near future 🙂
        Your post is what creating is all about – the exploring, joy and creativity 🙂
        ..and your area is visually so beautiful. What a fabulous canvas for you Carrie and your boys 😉

  3. Large, open spaces; full of atmosphere, anticipation, beauty. Your photos are really great but you also have a wonderful way with words.
    So glad you were able to do some purposeful work. I, too, find that much of what I shoot is on the way to some place, rather than a planned shoot. I’ll hope we both find time for more purposeful shooting.
    Although your work is lovely no matter.
    Do you mind sharing where you are in the world? Rural, ocean…

    1. No, I don’t mind. I try to post the “location” before I start my writing, in “italics”. I need to update my about page…we moved from Southern California to Northern California this summer. We are in Arcata, CA, the North Coast of California. We are about 80 miles south of the Oregon/California Border. It is rural and I can drive to old growth redwoods, the Ocean, or farmlands in less than 15 min! I am a lucky girl.

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