Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Photo By: Carrie

I must admit, I was highly challenged by this theme. I don’t usually see images this way. I like to capture the big picture even if it is in a tiny detail of a flower. But, I love minimalist images, they are inviting, tell a story simply and there is a beautiful artistic quality to many of them.

We were on our way home from a lovely bike ride on the local coastal trail when I saw this image wiz past me to my left. Luckily I was driving, so I found a safe place to turn around. My boys were whining in the back of the car, they never like to go backwards. My husband wasn’t very enthusiastic about this either, he is usually always the one driving.

With the hazards clicking away, I ran across the one and a half lane road, into the ditch and up to the property fence. I took three images, I could feel the brewing impatience of my detour billowing out of the car towards me, it was time to go.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, Minimalist. You can view all the other entries HERE.


  1. I’ve enjoyed several minimalist photographs posted in response to this challenge, Carrie, and find they pull my eye in and expose meaningful details I might otherwise have missed. As always, I enjoyed the backstory you provided. I could sense the masculine impatience.

    1. Ha! yes, masculine impatience is ever present in my life! And I find I am enjoying writing a back-story at the moment.
      I have also really enjoyed many of the minimalist posts related to this theme…they are really lovely to study and experience. I have always been a fan, never tried to replicate the idea though. So that was challenging!
      Thank you for your comment, I always enjoy hearing from you 🙂

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