The Wandering Gift

When there is time in the day to wander

Photo By: Carrie

And stop

Photo By: Carrie

To listen

Photo By: Carrie

And see

Photo By: Carrie

The rest of the day works itself out so much more easily

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

There is some time between picking up my son from preschool and needing to pick up my older son at elementary school. All I have to do is suggest a trip to the community forest and my son is in the car before I am. He loves it here. I do too, it is a beautiful place.

I have photographed many of the trees in this community forest, there are at least 15 trails winding through 800 acres of old growth Redwoods and I take my time as I wander. But on this particular day, the fall colors were jumping out at me. Fall is easily my favorite season and I have rarely had the opportunity to see it unfold in the last 10 years. Southern California has seasons, but few leaf turning trees and even fewer crisp fall mornings.

My son was a great sport as I studied, marveled and photographed the details of this fall landscape. We were walking in our rain boots, it was muddy and brisk. He kept quiet when I slowly moved closer to a beautiful orange bellied bird and stomped in every puddle he could find when it was finally time for him to be loud again. We will be back again soon, there is so much to see here.


    1. I love this little bird too! The orange colorings are so pretty. I could only get so close with a curious 5 yr old in tow. We would tip-toe closer together and hold our breath…eventually this little guy flew off, but I was really a happy with this image.

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