Bountiful Blooms

Photo By: Carrie

Humbolt State University, Arcata CA

Butterflies about to take flight
Star tracks in the night sky
Perfectly touched with blue and yellow

Photo By: Carrie

Hidden purple loveliness
Innocently sun-kissed

Photo By: Carrie

Twisted rope holding strong
Deep green leaves to land on
Trumpets singing a beautiful song

Photo By: Carrie

A soft peppermint surprise
A frosty sno-cone delight

Photo By: Carrie

Purple stars
Grape bubblicious dreams
I am perfectly lost in all this beauty

Photo By: Carrie

You are as gentle as you are bold
Soft as you are striking
Muted as you are crisp

Photo By: Carrie

There is a deepness
A haunting mystery when I get up close to most things, you are no exception
Thank you for the glimpse



    1. Thank you! I agree, one of my favorite plants too. They take a lot of water so living in Southern California for so many years, I only rarely saw them. They grow everywhere here on the North Coast. I am so happy to see them everywhere.

      1. You know, the word hydrangea comes from the Greek language and means water-sipper, and that’s what they really are. You find them rarely in very hot and dry places but I have a lot of them in my garden in Northern Germany. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

  1. I’m not sure whether I like the photos or the words better. Both are very beautiful. I really like this: “A soft peppermint surprise
    A frosty sno-cone delight”

    1. Thank you very much, for looking and reading! Yes, I like those lines too, that white with bits of pink (peppermint) hydrangea bloom is one of my favorite. Actually, all these photographs are from the same bush! I am sure they were just planted closely together and made to grown together, but still, really an impressive assortment of colors and types. I enjoyed myself sticking my nose and lens in as close as I could 🙂

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