Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Arcata, CA

I bent down to take a photograph of a sweet protected wildflower, one of my most treasured things to find and photograph, as I was walking on a path at our local marsh. As I got down low and close to figure out how best to capture the little flower, I noticed in the lower branches of a blackberry bush this incredible treasure. Perfectly circular water droplets hanging on by their last gasp, illuminated by the sun. I have honestly never seen water droplets like these before, I feel very fortunate to have discovered them.

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge by the DailyPost. You can find more interpretations of “Refraction” HERE.


    1. Thanks James! I know, right? I remember seeing perfectly round drops in a post by Robyn @ Fine Arts Journal recently. I actually thought it was because she had a macro lens. I was so surprised to see these! I am glad that turned out in focus 🙂

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