Familiar Details

Photo By: Carrie

Samoa Peninsula, Manila CA

I wasn’t ready to say
goodbye, to watch
you drive down

the road back
to your home
now farther

away than before
You give my boys
Endless love, let them

Be as they are, you marvel
At the little
Things and bought us pizza

What a treat, the extra
Hands give balance
To an unbalanced life

I get a chance
To sit and not
Have to think

Of everything, yes
We talk, almost everyday you know
What I am feeling

About most things, you’re familiar
Enjoyment of simple things reminds
Me of being a girl

Happily loved, what a gift
You bestow on me
My sweet family, each

Every time we are
Together as family
But, at this point

In our life’s journey
I can’t help but think what
It might be like if

Our homes
Considerably closer
And, the times together

Didn’t take that initial
Getting to know each other again
Mourning your presence

Even before you
Have actually gone
Back home again

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