Photo By: Carrie

Lady Bird Johnson Grove, Redwood National Park

Of dust slough
Off tickling my nose
As I walk

Past and admire you
Laying next
To the path, I can’t
Help it I get closer

I want to see
Every row, every layer
That makes you a tree
Every ant

Wood loving bug
That feels proud to me
I live here happily
The yearly layers, ticking
Time away, sharing

What the weather was like how much
Water you drank, how thick
Is your bark the protective layer
Soft yet in place never succumbing

To the never-ending knocking
The redwood
A hot commodity
Bug resistant, straight

Strong, even when it has fallen
Down it still provides
A home we walk through
Your middle, admiring

Picturing you tall and standing
Branches flexed, sunlight
Filtered making the view
Up above like a gateway

To the end and then
All is quiet, I must
Stop and pause, my thoughts
My feet

My heart for seeing
You lying low, slowly
Decomposed reminds me
Time is never

Standing still

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