Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Photo By: Carrie

James Irvine Trail, Prairie Creek Redwoods S. P.

I have never lived so close to a Tsunami Hazard Zone, I am constantly seeing these signs as I drive or hike around. They are unnerving, and leave me with a sense that there are forces greater than I can comprehend right off shore. It is constantly on my mind, a rogue wave jumping on shore while we are at the beach, what to do if we feel an earthquake.

Of course, I don’t want these thoughts and fears to take over my life and make it so I don’t enjoy all this incredible beauty around me. It is just important to acknowledge that there are risks and we are living in a dynamic, natural place that deserves respect.

Photo By: Carrie

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, you can see more interpretations of “Signs” HERE.


  1. This reminds me of a lot of signs I see at trailheads around here, warning hikers of mountain lions, rattlesnakes, bears and my personal favorite, flash flooding. “In case of flooding, climb immediately to higher ground”. I don’t ever remember seeing a warning sign back in New England, although there should be plenty of them for ticks.
    Tsunamis would freak me out too, but I’m assuming you’d have advance notice, right?

  2. Well, yes and no. I have learned since living here that there are smaller offshore waves, called rouge waves, that come without warning. The warning is that you are paying attention and can sense when looking at the wave that it is an outlier. It totally freaks me out. Since learning about these waves, we don’t play down at the wave level very long or at all, we stick to the higher ground sand, hopefully this will give us enough of a head start to get out of one of these waves way, if need be. There are at least a few casualties every year from rouge waves in this area 😦
    The actual Tsunamis, which are of course very rare (the last large one here was in 1964 from the Alaska earthquake), there would be more warning. If it was directly off shore, your warning is the shaking, once the shaking subsides you must get to higher ground immediately, especially if at beach level. If it is from another part of the world, there would be warning.
    We, of course, don’t live at beach level, we just frequent the beaches enough that I see these signs and there is a drop in my stomach every time I see them. The ocean is mighty and not to be taken for granted.

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