So Proud

My extraordinarily talented friend, Karen Kelly approached me recently about using some of my images for a project. I was so honored and proud, to see that she is genuinely interested in my work and laid out an elegant vision for my images. So, we collaborated on these inspiring and beautiful printable artworks.

They are prominently featured at her Etsy shop, Hollowglen, her shop is warmly filled with incredible handmade wood signs, children’s toys and items for your home decor. Her husband, Ben, is also a woodworking wonder, together they make beautiful things.

If you are unfamiliar with printable artwork, as I was, it is a convenient way to share art.

You, as a customer, buys the digital file from her shops website and then you can use that file as you wish, except for your own financial gain, of course. It means, you could print multiple copies and make inspirational cards out of 5 X 7 prints for friends and family, you could print the artwork to hang on a wall, give as a gift or whatever you want to create with it. The possibilities are endless really.

So, this just feels so exciting to me, I had to share! I am sure we will work together on other ideas, I am so grateful for her support and admiration. The feeling is mutual, if that wasn’t clear already.


    1. Awe, thank you Kim. I appreciate your loving support in all the different directions my creative soul takes me. It means so much. Hope you are well!

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