Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Photo By: Carrie

Lady Bird Johnson Grove, Redwood National Park

One redwood tree equally thick from base to top is a marvel to witness. As my family walked the easy-going trail through this majestic grove I was instantly struck by these four redwood trees, almost equally distanced apart, in a perfect straight line, towering and present. The moist fog whispering through their tops, the sounds of our footsteps muffled by the thick, soft, ground cover at our feet.

How did this happen? It was too perfect a setting to just be a coincidence. My husband thought of it first, this beautiful line of massive trees is a product of a productive nurse log. It gave me such pause to think of these trees as seedlings, vulnerable and tiny, reaching their spindly branches for the sunlight so many hundreds of years earlier. And now, they are towering giants, rooted, grand, a formidable wall, a true presence.

These trees have endured and are my chosen meaning of endurance. You can view more photographs of “endurance” HERE.


    1. Thank you Laura 🙂 The scale of these giants is a bit lost, but this was the only perspective I could get to express how they are all in a beautiful line. This was a magical find!

      1. Thank you, there will be lots this week and next, went to Redwood National Park (above image) and a cool canyon last week…many images to share…bring them all together. I guess it comes across, at least to you, I LOVE trees!

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