Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Photo By: Carrie

When my boys first set eyes on Crater Lake just last weekend they said, “Are you sure this is not a painting, Mama?” I assured them it was not. Then they turned towards the lake, the view, and took it in, together. The complete rarity of this moment, my boys still, quiet, marveling at something in front of them will be a fond memory of mine for years to come.

Our ability to take in a moment, a view, to consciously remember it, is humanity to me. When we see or feel something that makes us form a memory we fight harder to preserve it, protect it and educate others about its wonders. We also pass our passions, our memories of what we find beautiful in our world to future generations.

**This post is inspired by The Daily Post’s, Weekly Photo Challenge. This weeks theme is “Humanity”, you can find inspiring photographs HERE.



    1. It is at Crater Lake National Park. Located in Oregon, southeastern Oregon I would say. It is a very special place to my husband and I, and now my boys too! Thanks!

    1. Hi Miriam, this lake is always too cold to swim in! It is all snow melt and insanely cold. My husband, of course, has swam in it a number of times. Even jumped off a rock ledge, about 20 ft, into the lake. But, I would never swim in it. I watched a guy who thought it was all hype take a dip when we were just there, he was only about 10 ft from shore but it took all he had to get back and he could hardly breathe or talk for a long time after. Really crazy.
      It is a superb place, Worth the drive out of the way 🙂

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