Photo By: Carrie

Darkness engulfs
A tired heart


Your body

As your soul regenerates
The light
The way


  1. Darkness inside
    Light through the keyhole
    Hope outside
    Beyond the present distress
    Hope is an old tree
    Covered in new life
    Hope is our salvation.

      1. You can see I am not a poet, but I tried. After I sent it I thought of tons of other things I might have said. LOL

    1. Thank you, Janet. I took this in Redwoods National Park a couple weekends ago. I loved the shape the darkness made! I was inside the base of a hollowed out redwood tree, big enough that our whole family of 4 could be inside without touching each other or feeling cramped. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but when I got home, I was really happy with it. It does draw me in as well, hence the poem 🙂 And, with all that has been going on lately, with our move, it made sense to see “beyond” the darkness!

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