The Gift

Photo By: Carrie

A circle, a force
Coming together, embracing
Acknowledging each other

Safety, love, kindness
Laughing from deep inside
A hug

Time stops, the Earth twirls
Voices heard
Emotions ready to shape the world

Each soul completes the key
To unlock beautiful mysteries
Of passed spirits guiding

New found knowledge helping move us along
Towards our greatest path
The unknown

You are my chosen sisters
Reminding me where I have stashed my light
Holding my hand

Never judging
Instead believing in all of me
I feel you

Ask for you
Honor you
Even when we are far away

You are my gift
To myself
I will cherish your beautiful hearts, always

Photo By: Carrie



    1. Thank you Robyn. I wrote this as a tribute to my conscious mothering circle before I moved. I was part of this group for almost 4 years. We shared so much together and I am able to write and create simply because this core group of beautiful women let me see what they see in me. Once I moved to our new town I found the photographs I wanted to put with these words. It is a really dear to my heart post.

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