In Rhythm

Photo By: Carrie

Watch and wait
You know
It is coming

Don’t move dig
In with your toes, close
Your eyes you will feel

The cool air touches
Your cheeks
Then crisp water envelops

Your legs you are
A small obstacle
Here the water moves easily

In rhythm
Forward and back
The sounds get deeper

In and then out
The longer you stand
Still the deeper you go

The warmer the water feels
Settling your soul, find
The rhythm, find

The answers
Then there is no reason

To need
To go anywhere

** This post is part of the Monochrome Madness challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. This challenge is one week shy of turning 6 months! There is an extra challenge for the 6 month mark post, click HERE (link will be active when post is) for details and to see all of this weeks participants. Anyone is free to join in, no matter if you are a blogger/photographer or not.


  1. I know you have stood there riveted by the waves while your head gradually loses control. It is like turning fast in a circle while looking up at the stick you are holding. After a while you cannot stand up! Once you are down, the tide comes to take you under. Can you tell I have been there?

    1. yes! and in this moment, I am giving the tide permission to lap over me, holding me as it wishes, trusting that these waters, in their own way, will wash away what needs to be released and when I can stand again, I will.

  2. This beautiful poem could only have been written by someone who has stood in the ocean and let their senses be lulled by it. I’m from the mountains, but I do exactly what you describe whenever I travel to an ocean. Thank you for describing so wonderfully an experience I cherish.

    1. Ahh Janet, thank you. It is interesting to me, I used to do this, every time I visited the Ocean as a child. I can’t remember the last time I did it. But, watching my boy instinctively do as I did as a girl makes me want to do it again, and soon! It is quite a sensation, a rush even. I didn’t realize how close to the Ocean we would be when we moved here, it is one of the most incredible surprises yet!

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