Photo By: Carrie

We are here, we have arrived safely. It took 14 hours, at 55 mph, to drive a loaded 24 foot Budget truck (loaded solely by my husband and I) with a 16 foot car trailer and our other car following behind, 650 miles.

The moment we arrived we were here, home. My Dad said to me, over the phone the other day, “It’s like you finally left your twilight zone.”, he is totally right. My head is clearer, could be the moist cool air, my soul is easily settled, my smile is bright.

Photo By: Carrie

Crammed into a one bedroom apartment, well crammed is a bit overstated, there is enough room for all of us and we are thankful for this space to land until we can buy a home. In many ways, I am enjoying the tight quarters, there are lots of morning snuggles to start the day, we have to face our fears and joys head on, no hiding behind a closed bedroom door and cleaning up our mess is a must, or else there is no where for us to eat or sleep.

Photo By: Carrie

In the past week we have explored everyday, a new beach, the forest, we have swam in local rivers, let our skin soak in the moist air and continue to just stop in the midst of this beauty and say out loud “I am so grateful for this”.

My boys are thriving, they are in it, submersed in the wonder of this place, finding their favorite stumps to perch from. The beach and forest are their refuge, each offering its own unique opportunities for exploration and outlet towards joy. They each explore the same location differently but we can all come together and appreciate where we are.

Photo By: Carrie

A balance I have longed to find.




    1. Hello Pam, thank you for enjoying the images and I am so glad we made it too, what a place! I can’t stop taking pictures πŸ™‚ The beauty is so inspiring.

      1. I’m so glad you find it inspiring. I hope your whole family loves it. I’ve only been up that way once, so I’m looking forward to seeing it through you eyes and lens :-).

  1. So happy for you. Our souls are not at rest in certain places, and how good to feel “home”. I hope to have my own experience like this at some point in the future. Beautiful photos too πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Miriam, yes shouldering a restless soul is a challenging way to live in the moment. I have struggled for years and yet my sweet soul has continued to whisper a similar tune, “I need trees, I need weather, I need to breathe”…not that I have fought these whispers, just it sometimes takes time to be in the right moment to alter your life’s course so abruptly. When ever the time is right for you, JUMP πŸ™‚

  2. You have been manifested this, Carrie! All the trees and rivers and forests — this is what you’ve been envisioning and talking about since the boys were small. (And even before that.) I’m so happy that this where you and Brandon will be raising the little ones! Can’t wait to visit.

    1. Ahh Devin, you are so right and we can’t wait to share this incredible place with you! I hope you are up for a trip North soon, would really love to catch up with you and the boys would love to explore with you!

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