Photo By: Carrie

My scrambling feet losing
Ground slipping, head only down

Looking for something to hold
On to, a glimmer

A comforting lead, exposed
Roots, a twisted branch

I could easily picture us
In the yard, playing

Soccer, building forts
Losing ourselves in the ferns

Singing kids to sleep
Turkey dinners and warm winter nights

Cuddled up with a new cozy quilt
Under the new roof, looking

At Redwoods, wandering
The neighborhood never searching again

Crafting in the room designated
For such things, projects left undone

My own space never wondering
How I would find the time

The timing is off
No one wants what we are trying to sell

There is a good reason although
I can’t see it of course, this path

Laid before us, in color
My heart yearning for this

The chance to walk among
The redwoods and to call

Them home
I guess the simplest

Let go


    1. Thank you Danielle, me too 😦 We just found out yesterday we lost the house we were dreaming of moving into…I had to write about it to move through it. It is still a raw wound.

  1. Oh nooooo….I’m sorry you lost the house. But you know what? This exact thing happened to us a few months ago. I was crushed. Then a few weeks later another house came up on the market even better than the one that I thought was our dream. So you never know why things happen! I love your image and soon you will find just what you were looking for. hugs

    1. Hi Laura, I do agree. It feels like we are in a holding pattern for a reason. Never easy to hold still when you want to fly!
      Thank you for the kind thoughts, I am of course doing find, just sad. It is totally part of this process of moving and I am so thankful I have an outlet, this blog, to share my triumphs, happy moments and my darker ones too.

  2. Oh Carrie, I am so very sorry to hear things are not going the way you had hoped and dreamed, I will be praying that the right doors open and you are able to find and buy the house of your dreams, also that God will send the right people to buy your house and they will treasure it! Keep your chin up the best is still to come! Hugs to you! ❤❤

    1. Thank you Carletta, it is okay, it really is. I just feel through my words and it is, I am sure hard to read when you know me 🙂
      Thank you for your thoughts and visions for our home and future, I appreciate it. It will unfold as it should, I have faith in that.

  3. Such a variety of emotions and sensations shared in simple, straightforward lines and intricate photography. You let your readers into your heart, a vulnerable thing to do, and it makes for powerful writing. I’m wishing you well.

    1. Thank you for joining me, Janet. I appreciate your comments and well wishes. I know my family will be well where we are going…just wish we could sell what we need to and move on 🙂

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