Life’s Fabric

Photo By: Carrie

Machines whir, warm
Voices storytelling

Love, loss and years gone by, threads
Collecting everywhere, home

Cooked fresh
Food, crisp wine, circled up

Meals, bellies full unending

Pine trees
Reaching sun rays kissing

Quiet enough to hear
Butterflies wings dancing as you drift

Asleep, walking, enjoying
The fresh mountain air, gawking

At neighbors yards
“Oh look at those lilies, they are gorgeous!”

A time to look forward
To projects moved forward, some

Finished some just beginning. Time
To just be, as you

In pajamas until the afternoon
Hair undone, make-up left in the bag in your room

Laughing until tears fall easily cleansing
Your face, soaking into your soul, friends

In the moment enjoying
The little things

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