True Color

Photo By: Carrie

When one friend holds a mirror up
To your soul, purposefully and speaks of what they see
Doubt is silent

When that mirror is held by many friends, circled together
Honoring you, sharing how they see you
Your true color shines



  1. The coloring on this hibiscus is absolutely amazing! Here in Barbados we have the usual red, pink and I think I’ve seen some yellow but never one with these vibrant colors. Thanks not only for sharing but for taking this pic so we could all enjoy nature’s awesome creativity.

    1. Thank you, Gale. I totally agree. I was walking in our neighborhood looking in a totally different direction and my youngest son started tugging on my arm, “Mama! There is something beautiful you have to take a picture!!”. He was totally right. I couldn’t believe the coloring either, there were some yellow ones right next to this one. Beautiful brilliant yellow, can’t get better than nature’s own true colors 🙂

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! The colors of this hibiscus were insane. The words were easily inspired by my tribe of friends who are doing their best to send me off on a soul filling journey with love and support.

    1. Thank you, Laura. I experienced quite an evening of incredible offerings from friends. It is such an incredible feeling to have those you respect and admire, honor you. My cup is full 🙂

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