Photo By: Carrie

I have found
A central point
I can expand, highlight
Grow, dream, demand
Explore, embrace, get lost
Just be…me



  1. Gorgeous image Carrie! I find it ironic that I took a close up of a flower and called it solitude….you took a close up of a flower and called it surrounded. Interesting!!!

    1. That is interesting. I chose “surrounded” because of the central dark tiny center surrounded by so much thick loveliness. I’ll have to check out your “solitude” post, I am sure it fits too!

      1. Oh I think it is all about how you and I were/are feeling at the time you take the photograph. I feel excluded so much! It is so refreshing to have a feeling of belonging..or at least the hope that it exists!
        Just pulled up your post, Gorgeous, and just as I thought, rightly named. 🙂

      2. Thanks Carrie and I agree about how we feel at the time. Sometimes I like to dream about how I feel and my pictures reflect what I want things to be. I cannot WAIT to see all the pictures you are going to take from Arcadia. You are so lucky!!! 🙂

      3. I really feel so lucky. It’s funny, I take images as I see them, the jump out at me. Then when I get home and look them over, they come to life and tell me stories about how I was/am feeling and what I want to say. I love that! Happy dreaming and so great to correspond with you! I have missed it 🙂

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