Shine On

Photo By: Carrie

your fingers
into the reflective
light and see your
life before you sparkling, bright

**This is my entry for the Monochrome Madness Challenge this week. Please take a look at Laura Macky and Leanne Cole’s entries. And you can find the Monochrome Madness Challenge HERE.


    1. Thank you 🙂 This is an image that I would have never even tried in monochrome. It didn’t strike me as working until I was playing with the shadows in Lightroom and viola! It appeared and I loved it.
      I love streaming sun rays! They are my special powers 🙂

      1. YESS!!! I love rays whether it be monochrome or full-on color. The golden rays feel so positive and full of life force. May the force be with you hahaha.

      2. Ha! That is the best!! The force is strong in this house, my boys speak to each other in episode numerals. A mama needs her force too, indeed.

  1. I love the use of light and shadows. It’s nice how the sun can help create so many different photos. I took a photo this last weekend when walking through the woods of the sun’s rays coming down through the trees. Haven’t had time to edit the photo yet but I think it’ll turn out nice. Nice shot! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Justin. I totally agree, I love playing with sun rays when I can! I honestly thought these images would be blown out. I was pleasantly surprised.
      And the light just emphasizes all the right pieces in monochrome 🙂

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