Photo By: Carrie

Folding, embracing petals…friends
Offering their support

And love, family
Going out of their way

To let me know they care, yesterday
Today, tomorrow, I am on the inside


Just warm enough, not huddled up
Hunkered down feeling

Alone, I am open
To everyone’s gifts, accepting

Their offers for help
Love feeling connected

To my web of life
Thankful, so grateful for this

Beautiful view
You supporting me, supporting you


    1. Thank you Danielle! Yes, I am so thankful for being open to others help right now. It is making this month feel manageable. Not that there haven’t been, or will still be some seriously stressful moments. But, I have been offered so much encouragement and help. It is so awesome.

  1. Carrie, this is a great message–family supporting each other. I have an article in mind one day soon, an article about the view from my window and how the elderly are often trapped in their hospital rooms or nursing home rooms with no support or communication from the outside world. One lady I plan to use as an example is unable to speak, but the is not ignorant. How sad that she is no longer able to express herself! People baby talk her with the idea that she is brain dead, but she is not. One great part of the scenario is that her family is very supportive and loving.

    1. Hi Beth, Thank you for “getting it”. I have felt that way about elderly folks watching the world go by from the window. I can remember one time, while visiting Seattle over Christmas, my husband and I walking every morning with our then 6 month old baby. Every morning we would pass this nursing home and every morning, this sweet old women would appear at a window, watching us walking and playing with our baby. It was so sweet and yet heartbreaking.
      Feeling supported, especially at challenging times, is a very beautiful feeling.

      1. Psalm 71:9 “Cast me not off in the time of old age;
        forsake me not when my strength faith.”

  2. My spell checker takes over so often and of course is a mindless program. Even in this comment the spell check has revised it to read “faith,” which I did not type. What I tried to write in my comment to Carrie was “Cast me not off in time of old age: forsake me not when my strength faileth (FAILETH)” (Psa. 71:9 KJV).

    1. No! I do totally remember your “together” MMC post but didn’t remember it’s name. I was having a hard time coming up with a title for this one…maybe subconsciously I remembered 🙂
      Happy you enjoyed it. It is quite an experience, allowing help to come in all it’s special forms. Yay for friends and family.

    1. Thank you so much, Shane. That just really makes my day! This Peony was in a vase in my grandmothers home when I arrived to celebrate her birthday recently. To beautiful not to notice, I love the laps of overlapping petals!
      I know for certain, my images give life to my words, which is such a lovely relationship to have found. Thank you for reading and seeing, what a treat.

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