Ferry Travel

Photo By: Carrie

Travel by ferry once in a while, over
The deepest seas
In life or perhaps just a short ride
Across a large expansive river, steady
Carrying, offering a brilliant view
Your cargo safe, wind in your hair
Whipping those sinking thoughts straight
Out of your head, heart open
An adventure anew

**Took a brief trip to Seattle for a few days, I couldn’t let a Monochrome Madness week go by without entering this moody photograph. I was lucky enough to find this image while walking after dinner at Alkai beach in West Seattle, looking towards the Olympic Mountains before sunset. Please check out Laura Mackey and Leanne Cole’s collaboration for this week HERE.




  1. I’ve fallen behind on reading your posts. I am looking forward to hearing about your exciting adventures ahead!

    1. Hi Danielle! I have fallen behind in writing them 🙂 Too much going on to keep up. Yet, I still feel a need to write, so I do. Just shorter posts. Looking forward to sharing more and more 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura 🙂 I do too! I was so taken by the color of the water and the clouds being so similar. I waited for the ferry to slide past the mountains in this particular place. The sun rays behind the clouds were gorgeous.

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