The Man


The man who can find
The boy inside, let him play

And share the ride with his children
Getting down on their level

Making them feel
Like they are all equal

Is truly a man whom I adore, my husband
My own father, my grandfathers (though passed on) too

I am grateful, thankful
Honored to feel part of

Your heart
Your Joy



  1. Nice Carrie, I also celebrate your husband and Grandfathers who have passed on but are certainly not forgotten for their family contributions. Love you… Dad

    1. Hi Dad 🙂 Happy you agree! And so thankful that you have shared your love of play/having fun with me as well as my boys. A gift for sure. Happy Dad’s Day! Hugs,

    1. My boys are lucky to have such role models, who know how to play. I was given a similar gift as a young girl, it has served me well 🙂 Thank you!

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